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Don Williams Landscape and Tree Service have been helping homeowners in the Orange County areas improve the vitality and quality of their trees and lawn plants for several years. Our treescaping services include tree trimming, ongoing tree care, and treatment services to keep your trees in perfect condition. We also remove trees entirely in the safest and most efficient way possible. Keep reading today’s post to learn more about our treescaping services in Orange and contact us if you’re ready to get started.


Tree Trimming Services

Trees that are not regularly trimmed have unhealthy and unbalanced growth. They tend to outgrow their natural shape which may affect the health and appearance of the tree in the long run. Our experts at Don Williams Landscape and Tree Service, Orange, CA, can help trim your trees to the perfect shape using specialized tools. Our tree trimming services help to maintain an appealing shape and also keeps trees healthy and strong by removing weak and diseased limbs.


Tree Removal Services

A dying or an already dead tree can be a threat to the roof of your building, cars, and people in your home if not removed. We are safety conscious and our experts are trained to safely remove trees that constitute a safety hazard or obstruction. We follow industry-standard procedures to remove trees while also saving cost, time and preventing unwanted outcomes.


Stump Grinding & Removal

When a tree is removed, the stump left behind is an eyesore to your beautiful landscape. Leaving a stump to rot on its own can give rise to an insect infestation or cause accidents. Our experienced tree care technicians can grind stumps using complex stump grinding machinery. We carefully assess the area around the base of the stump and plan stump removal with care to avoid the destruction of important property.


Tree Treatment Plans

Your tree's health is important to us. As professionals, our sole goal is to ensure that your trees are free from every form of the disease. Our tree care services include the treatment of trees with fungicides, strengthening trees to withstand storm damage and selective removal of weak and diseased limbs. Our tree arborist can also help diagnose diseases and apply the correct treatment measure. Call Don Williams Landscape and Tree Service, Orange, CA, to enjoy these services and more.

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